I fought the lawn
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I fought the lawn I fought the Lawn and the Lawn won.

This just made me crack up! Wear it while mowing, or trying to mow the lawn, or while watching the tube.

If you’re asked why you’re not out mowing, just point to your shirt.

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I’m bluffing - Poker Shirt
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I'm bluffing black tee I’m bluffing. This will keep them guessing. Wear it if you tend to bluff alot… or wear it if you don’t?

I’m going to admit to watching the Celebrity Poker games on TV now. Or wait… am I just bluffing you?

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I hate clowns
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Personally I don’t hate clowns but I do think they’re scary and many seem a little, shall we say, odd?

The clincher though is the clown doll in the movie Poltergeist. Get that away from me!!

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